[LRUG] [JOBS] Full-stack Engineers required to help Lavanda reinvent laundry!

Guy Westlake guy at getlavanda.com
Mon Jun 8 08:13:58 PDT 2015

Hi LRUGers!

I'm the founder of Lavanda <http://www.getlavanda.com/>, a UK tech business
that’s reimagining the way we go about our laundry. I'm currently looking
to expand our core engineering team and would love to chat with anyone keen
to find out more. High level details below. If you're interested in more
information, just drop me an email and I'd love to discuss in more detail.

*About Lavanda:*

Lavanda launched in December 2014 to solve the familiar pain point of
washing and ironing by offering a branded on-demand laundry experience.  In
a single tap your laundry is collected in a matter of minutes (average
collection <30mins) and conveniently returned the next day - crisp, clean
and professionally finished.

The last major innovation to hit the laundry industry was the invention of
the washing machine.  Now, after decades of stagnation, it's a sector ripe
for disruption - and our socially progressive business model champions a
new and exciting future...


I'm looking for *2 x full-stack developers* to join our engineering team to
help build and scale our on-demand service platform. This is a unique
opportunity to be an early hire in a fast-paced, high potential startup -
laying the foundations for the technology stack that sits at the heart of
Lavanda operations. You'll work on our web and hybrid apps as well as
back-­end systems, including creating and extending our APIs.

Basically, if you've got a burning desire to build a product that can
change the world *- we want to hear from you!*



   3+ years experience in a similar role, delivering product and services
   using an Agile methodology

   Significant professional full-stack experience with a focus on API
   integration, test-driven development and mobile-first thinking

   Our preferred languages are JavaScript and Ruby, so you should have 3+
   years experience of these

   Familiarity with one or more major front-end frameworks like React.js,
   Angular, or Ember paired with an appreciation of the strengths and weakness
   for a given solution

   Familiarity with one or more major back-end frameworks like Ruby on
   Rails, Sinatra or Express paired with an appreciation of the strengths and
   weakness for a given solution

   A history of delivering robust, maintainable multi-channel applications

   Experience of strong collaboration with other engineering disciplines is

   A laser focus on building compelling user experiences and interaction

   Whilst our future platform stack may vary, the MVP stack uses Meteor,
   MongoDB, NodeJS, so familiarity with these is prized



   Driven to research and employ best practice approaches to your work. You
   should be able to demonstrate how you use continuous deployment, continuous
   integration, TDD/ BDD in your work practices

   You value communication with the wider team and are able to tailor your
   language and approach to articulate your thoughts clearly and with

   "Can do” attitude - when faced with a business or technical obstacle you
   will not run and hide. You should be able to describe some issues you have
   encountered, your approach to solving them and your final solution

   Inquisitive - you should live and breath tech. You tinker in new tech on
   your side projects and are able to identify tools and techniques that could
   benefit your commercial project

   You're comfortable switching between tactical and strategic solutions,
   based on the short and long term needs of the business and the product.

   Solution focus - architectural design is important, but you are able to
   balance this with the need to deliver quality solutions and experiences for
   our user groups.


£Competitive + equity



   £2,000 equipment budget on joining (to spend on anything you like/need).

   Happy to accommodate remote working.

   Unlimited opportunity for career progression across the business.

   Highly motivated, friendly team who all believe passionately in the
   company’s vision and mission!


*Guy Westlake*


m:  +44 (0)7545 904 381
e:   guy at getlavanda.com
w:   www.getlavanda.com

*Follow us:  *Blog <http://blog.getlavanda.com> | Twitter
<https://twitter.com/getlavanda> |* Facebook

*Read about Lavanda in this recent TechCrunch article.
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