[LRUG] [JOBS] Looking for 1 day/week contract work in London

David Salgado david at digitalronin.com
Mon Jun 22 01:10:33 PDT 2015

Hi All

TL;DR - Looking for part-time contract work on-site in London, one day
per week, circa £500/day.

I've been working on my own business for several years now, (Admoda, a
mobile ad network), as CTO and co-founder. It chugs along very
happily, and although there are always interesting things to do, I'm
currently looking for some contracting work on the side. This is
mainly to get me out of my home office for a change of scenery, and to
get some exposure to different types of problems.

Below is a brief list of skills and experience, which I'm happy to
discuss in more detail. I can also put you in touch with people I've
worked with/for in the past.

Please hit me up off the list if this is of any interest.

All the best


Skills & experience

Designing, building and maintaining highly scalable (and
auto-scaling), highly available software systems.

Admoda, my current project, processes roughly 1.5 billion ad requests
per day, auto-scaling server capacity from around 60 to 200 servers,
as required. I also designed and built the first systems in the UK to
handle voting by SMS in reality TV shows ("I'm a Celebrity", "Big
Brother" and "X-factor" among others).

Software development

Programming roles including developer, team lead and CTO

Ruby - my main language since 2005
Rails - versions from 2.1 to 4.2
Javascript - competent, not expert
React.js - just getting started
PHP - sad, but true
Python - mainly for sysadmin scripting
Bash - for when python is overkill
TDD - mainly Rspec

Devops stuff

Linux system administration (mainly Ubuntu)

Configuration management tools
- Puppet
- Ansible
- Chef

Big Data
- Google BigQuery
- Hadoop





- Icinga
- Zabbix

Cloud platforms
- Rackspace
- Google Compute Engine
- DigitalOcean

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