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Mon Jun 22 07:20:12 PDT 2015

*Full Stack Web Developer*

(Apply online via jobvite
if you have any questions please contact stephen @ magnetic.com)

Magnetic has been going through a period of rapid expansion and following
our recent merger with MyBuys
we have nearly tripled in size from where we were twelve months ago to over
300 employees (including over 60 engineers). To ensure our service scales
in line with this expansion we are re-evaluating the architecture of our
core UI platform. We’re looking for disciplined polyglot engineers to help
us migrate to a revised UI stack based around decoupled micro-services
rather than the monolithic Rails stack we have been using to date.

*What you'll be doing:*

   - Working with fellow members of our web guild to refactor our existing
   Rails-based UI into a scalable, multi-tier microservices platform
   - Working with our QA team to produce an end-to-end functional test suite
   - Working with product management to design and implement new features
   that delight our users
   - Researching and implementing features using new technologies and

*We’d like to talk to you if:*

   - You are a full stack web developer, experienced in or open to learning
   - You are a polyglot developer comfortable coding in multiple languages
   - You believe there is more than one “right” solution to any tech
   - You value expression of intent as much as performance in your code
   - You believe that testing is as important as coding
   - You have a solid background in SQL/RDBMS

*What we offer in return:*

   - Full funding for any global tech conference in which you are accepted
   as a speaker, and an annual budget to go to local tech conferences or
   training courses as an attendee
   - A relaxed and comfortable work atmosphere
   - A wide ranging benefits scheme including pension, medical & dental
   insurance, subsidised annual travel-pass and childcare vouchers
   - “No-policy” vacation and time off policy (you’ll just need your
   manager’s approval)
   - A results-oriented startup mindset, with sane working hours and a
   stable business model
   - Stock options.

*How we work:*
Until recently the Magnetic engineering department has followed a
traditional scrum/agile approach to team management. Following the recent
addition of MyBuys’ development teams in Ann Arbour (Detroit) and San Mateo
(California) we are now in the process of adopting the “Spotify Agile
approach for organising geographically distributed teams:

   - Two geographical “Tribes”: London/New York and Ann Arbour/San Mateo.
   - Cross-functional scrum “squads” of 4-6 developers within each tribe.
   - High-level “chapters” grouping developers by specialism within a tribe
   (web, data, qa, etc.).
   - Looser-level “guilds” grouping developers by specialism across tribes.
   - 2-week sprint cycles.
   - Quarterly company hackathons and dedicated tech-debt sprints.

*The Hiring Process:*

Our typical hiring process involves three stages and gives candidates a
chance to interact with both our London and NY development teams. We try to
make a final decision within three weeks of application where possible.

*Stage 1:* Informal phone/skype call to discuss the role + the company and
to go over the candidate’s recent work experience (typically ~20-30
minutes). The goal of this stage is to ensure the candidate understands the
role and that it is a good fit for their experience level and career goals.

*Stage 2:* In-person interview with our London development team (~2 hours,
during office hours). The goals of this stage are to gauge the candidate’s
ability to describe systems they’ve worked on and to test basic coding and
software design skills. This stage typically involves:

   - A white-board architecture exercise (e.g. "describe the system you are
   working on in your current role").
   - A coding exercise in the candidate’s preferred language + IDE/editor
   (or their own laptop). Candidates are expected to demonstrate knowledge of
   their preferred language’s standard data structures and how to write unit
   - A datastore design/modelling exercise.
   - General technical questions based on the candidate’s CV.

*Stage 3:* Video-link interview with members our NY team (~2 hours, can be
done in an evening after work). In this stage the focus is on testing the
candidate’s web-stack/ui knowledge explicitly as well as their
communication skills (since the role will involve a lot of collaboration
with our NY team). The exact format of this stage can vary depending on how
the candidate performed in stage 2. Typically it will involve another
coding exercise on a collaborative editing tool.

You can apply online via jobvite here
if you have any questions please contact stephen @ magnetic.com

*About Magnetic:*
Magnetic, the leader in search retargeting, is a digital technology company
specializing in ad targeting solutions that combine intent data with
display advertising to power brand awareness and direct response campaigns.
Magnetic uses billions of search data queries and a proprietary bidder to
programmatically buy and reach audiences who have signaled either interest
or purchase intent where they spend 96% of their time online – on news
sites, blogs, e-commerce sites and social networks. Founded with a
specialized focus on search retargeting, Magnetic’s advertising solutions
also extend to site retargeting, and include advanced media optimization
and buying, and cross-channel capabilities.

MyBuys has recently merged with Magnetic! Together, MyBuys and Magnetic
have a unique data set of online and offline information that creates a
single, comprehensive view of the consumer purchase journey across
channels, devices and buying stages. The scale and breadth of the combined
company will enable marketers to drive better marketing performance and
enhanced analytics and insights.

Headquartered in New York City, Magnetic also has offices in Los Angeles,
Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Toronto and London. For more information, please
visit http://www.magnetic.com
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