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Carlos Vilhena carlos at parcelbright.com
Tue Jun 30 08:31:06 PDT 2015

Hello LRUG,

We're looking for experienced, collaborative, and creative software
engineers to join our growing team and help us improve and release features
that matter to our customers. We are on a mission to fix shipping for SMEs
and we need help to grow our product even further.

Our team is partly remote and partly colocated in TechHub (Shoreditch, near
Old Spitalfields Market). Currently, all (two) developers work remotely
most of the time and the rest of the team works in the office. You are
welcome to work where you are most comfortable. We encourage new employees
to spend some time in the office initially to get to know the rest of the
team and experience the day-to-day operations of the company.

In order to give you an idea of the work you would be doing, here are some
of the challenges we want to tackle next:

- Scaling and expanding our API so we can onboard more and more customers;
- Integrations with 3rd party systems in order to provide more service
- Building dashboards to provide powerful information to our customers so
they have a clear picture of all their parcels and current statuses,
highlighting what needs attention;
- Powerful recommendation engines to filter shipping options based on the
goods being shipped and the location to where they are going.

These are just some of the challenges we want to solve in the near future.

If this sounds interesting to you, we'd love to hear from you. Please reply
to me with your CV (or link to your LinkedIn profile, and/or link to your
Github profile/blog). First off, we'll get in touch for a short phone
interview. The next stage will be a short technical test that you can
complete in your own time. Alternatively, you are welcome to send us some
code you have written (open source or otherwise) that we can talk to you
about. If that all goes well, we'll arrange an interview to discuss your
code and for you to meet more members of the team.

*About us*

We want to be, above all, a team of generalists. Technology exists to solve
customer needs, so we are not precious about the tools we use and we are
always looking to use the best technology to solve the right problem.

We are only interested in building what brings the most value to our
customers. We try to eliminate all forms of waste and we value people who
can backup their ideas on product and technology through collaboration and

Metrics are fundamental to the way we work. We need to understand how
customers interact with our platform and how features impact them,
therefore we try to measure what we do. We keep track of the most important
KPIs and make sure the changes we make to ParcelBright have a positive
impact on our customers.

*Our work*

We have multiple on-going projects at ParcelBright. The website, the API
and integrations with external APIs. There is a great variety of work,
interesting technical challenges and space to improve the existing products
to make things better.

If you care about web development, good API design or complex integrations
with 3rd-party systems, then this is the perfect company for you. We work
on vertical slices of the system, meaning you will be able to work on
features that touch the entire stack.

*Our stack*

We currently use Ruby for most of our backend work, powered by a Postgres
database, Redis for caching, ElasticSearch for both search and storing
logs, and a front-end in Javascript/Coffeescript (with a bit of Ember.JS)
and SASS.

In terms of infrastructure, we currently use Heroku's platform and we test
our code using Travis-CI. We also use Code Climate to double check our test
coverage, measure the complexity of the codebase and check for security

We use git for source control, pull requests for features and we push to
production several times a day. Our tasks are currently in Trello, which we
use to plan out weekly chunks of work. We use Slack for almost all company
communication, notifications and general chat. We are always looking at
ways to improve team communication with Slack as it has become a hub of all
relevant information.

Just because these are the tools we have been using so far, it doesn't mean
it will stay the same going forward. We are interested in using the best
tool for the job, so we welcome new ideas all the time.

*What we are looking for*

We would love to hear from you if:

- Are comfortable with Ruby, Javascript, HTML and CSS;
- You write tests and understand why you should do it, regardless if you do
it before or after the feature is done;
- You take care in what you do;
- You know when to do it right and when to do it fast, and how to find the
best compromise between the two;
- You understand that customers are our #1 priority;
- You have an interest in product development and care about user

*Bonus points if*

- You have startup experience;
- You have an interest in Hypermedia APIs;
- You are familiarised with *nix environments;
- You have experience in multiple programming paradigms;
- You know a configuration management tool such as Chef or Puppet - even
though we don’t currently use them, we plan to do so in the near future;
- You have an understanding of scalability.

*What you can expect*

- Remote work, because we are interested in the quality of your work, not
where you do it;
- Space to do things right and build rock solid software;
- Try new technologies and help making decisions on the tech stack;
- We value people who are passionate about improving themselves and the way
the team works.


In terms of benefits, this is what you can expect from us:

- Salary up to 60k, depending on experience;
- Flexible working hours;
- Remote working, with occasional travels to London;
- Development can be computationally intensive and you may sometimes need
to run virtual machines (e.g. testing Internet Explorer versions you don’t
have locally). We have found that a high-end MacBook Pro (or equivalent) is
- A conference budget.

Note to recruiters:

We already work with a recruitment team, therefore we will not be
considering more recruiters for the time being.



*Carlos Vilhena*
Co-Founder and CTO
@ParcelBright <https://twitter.com/parcelbright> | parcelbright.com
ParcelBright, TechHub Shoreditch, 14-22 Elder St, Shoreditch, London, E1 6BT
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