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David Vaks david.vaks9 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 8 06:17:57 PDT 2016


This is slightly off topic, but I can imagine some of you might have faced
this situation. I've been launching quite a few Rails websites lately. It
usually involves at least the following for me:
- Domain registration and DNS setup
- Server/Host configuration: Heroku setup (registration, environment
variables for some of the steps above) or Docker setup
- Deployment
- Security aspects: TLS certificates, HTTPS setup, HTTP security headers,
- Legal aspects: cookie policy, T&Cs, privacy, etc (implications from other
- Email: basic setup, SPF/DKIM for the spam, create RFC email addresses, etc
- Mailing list setup (MailChimp or others)
- Social media: signup to a few social networks, add "social sharing"
- Analytics/instrumentation/monitoring (Google Analytics, New Relic, etc)
- Search engine registration/indexation (Google, Bing)
- etc

Some of these steps are interlinked and that's only for fairly "basic
website" without any payment, A/B testing, user feedback or advertising

None of it is particularly complex, although it does require some
knowledge/experience, but it takes quite a lot of time and feels repetitive.

There are lots of great products/services for the individual steps
involved, but I can't find anything to streamline the whole (or at least
part of the) process.

Does anyone know any good tool, product, checklist or website for this? Do
you have the same problem? How do you handle this yourself?

Thanks for your help.

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