[LRUG] [JOBS] How do I differentiate from all the other job postings?

Dan Jacobs dan at danjacobs.com
Fri Feb 5 04:03:25 PST 2016

Hello LRUGers

I don't know the answer but I thought I'd tell you a little about me
and my tech history.

For those who don't know me, I'm a former systems engineer.  My coding
experience was limited to perl and scripting (if you can call that
coding) which was needed a lot in the days back when Slackware was not
even at 1.0 (Redhat etc had not been born yet).  I've been CTO or
interim CTO for a load of startups including Virgin.com (in the late
1990's) and most recently have been founder of several startups such
as enthuse.me and No More Filing. I've been employing the Ruby / Rails
stack for my startups and consulting since 2011.

Back to the job at hand as it were.  As per my post last month, I'm
doing some interim product work for evvnt and helping them to scale up
their dev resource.   Everyone in the team is full-stack, the stack in
question is:

Ruby on Rails4, Angular.js,  Haml, CSS, Sass and CoffeeScript, RSpec,
Git, Heroku

Angular experience not required but strong JS is a must.

We're looking for one mid-level and one senior-level developer.  If
you're a junior developer we're happy to chat to you although it's
pretty unlikely for this round of hiring.

The environment is very buzzy, high energy, the dev team is highly
respected and given the tools needed.

We're ideally looking for perms but will fallback to contractors if we need to.

Market Rates + good snacks available.

Please send CV / github account to me if you're interested.

No agencies please!!!

07956 246 659

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