[LRUG] A couple of open-source projects from Nature Publishing Group

Darren Oakley daz.oakley at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 02:09:37 PST 2016


Recently we (the devs at Nature Publishing Group) have been releasing some
of our internal tools as open-source projects, as we're big believers of
OSS - all of our projects are built on the foundations of OSS.

Basically this post is to make people aware of what we’ve released, and to
solicit some feedback on whether people think they’re useful, and any
suggestions for future improvements.

If there’s interest in any of the projects and there’s space in a future
LRUG I’m happy to give a talk on any of them - how we use them, and how it
enables us to do good things.  The top two are Ruby projects, the others
are Node.js, but they still might be of interest...

That’s enough rambling, here’s the list and brief explanation of each:

   - *Bandiera* (github.com/nature/bandiera) - A simple stand-alone feature
   flagging service that is not tied to any existing web framework or language
   as all communication is via a HTTP API.
   - *Immagine* (github.com/nature/immagine) - An on-demand image resizing,
   effects and analysis server.
   - *Shunter* (github.com/nature/shunter) - A Node.js application built to
   read JSON and translate it into HTML; this is the decoupled front-end
   rendering layer built for nature.com.
   - *Thundermole* (github.com/nature/thundermole) - A Node.js application
   that acts as a programmable routing proxy.  This was used at Nature to
   migrate pages/content between legacy and new publishing platforms as and
   when they were ready.
   - *pa11y* (github.com/nature/pa11y) - A Node.js-based dashboard and
   command-line tool to test websites for common accessibility issues. pa11y
   uses PhantomJS to load pages and run a series of checks, it then generates
   reports in JSON, CSV, and HTML.

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