[LRUG] [JOBS] Ruby developer role // dxw, London, £45-65k

Thayer Prime thayer at team-prime.com
Mon Jul 18 03:02:20 PDT 2016

Good morning 'Rug-ers,

I'm working with/on behalf of dxw (http://www.dxw.com) at the moment
to continue building up their really lovely team. You can find out all
about the company and team here: https://www.dxw.com/about-us/

In a nutshell/tl;dr: super smart (yet humble) group of people working
on excellent projects for the government (NHS, GOV.UK, MOJ and more),
other clients (Thames Valley Housing, Women's Business Council and
more) and their own products too.

In this role you will get to:

* Work on the development, testing and documentation of services for
public sector clients
* Support clients and users with related technical problems and
responding to user feedback
* Collaborate with user researchers to develop services based on real
user needs and empirical evidence
* Support the operations team in performing routine tasks and
maintenance by improving our CI and hosting platforms
* Participate in a collaborative approach to writing software where
every feature is peer-reviewed
* Assist the rest of the team by contributing to a culture of constant
improvement of team processes and practices
* Advising clients and participating in the (agile) planning process
* At dxw, developers are closely involved in the planning process. We
sit with clients as a team, writing and prioritising development tasks
(stories) together and discussing their implementation.
* Help clients not familiar with agile development to become
acquainted with agile principles, aiding the successful delivery of
projects and contributing to a wider culture change towards agile
practice in government
* Participate actively in the development communities, sharing skills
and knowledge and learning from others
* Learn from our successes and failures over time, contributing to
process improvements when necessary; helping the whole team to
innovate, learn and improve

The skills and experience you'll have that will make you a perfect
next addition to the team:

* Ruby, HTML, CSS and Javascript development and debugging
* Proficient in Ruby and its common good practices, with 2-3 years
experience of Ruby on Rails
* Good understanding of modern accessibility, the implementation of
responsive designs
* Test-driven development
* Good working knowledge of the terminal and a familiarity with the
tools widely used by the Ruby community
* Awareness of best practice usability and the importance of user experience
* Experience at every stage of the product lifecycle, from inception
to production
* Source control using Git or Mercurial
* Working experience of usability testing and UX-led design,
incorporating research findings into development work

The following skills would be useful but not required:

* Experience with a variety of Ruby frameworks
* Maintaining or participating in an open source project
* Experience working on projects using continuous integration and deployment
* Experience with concurrent languages

Interview Process

* Call (Skype or phone)
* Face to face meeting (1hr)
* Test or work sim
* Onsite co-working with the whole team (1/2-1 day)
* Offer
* Placement

Drop me a line if you're interested, I'd love to hear from you.


Thayer Prime
CEO & Founder
Team Prime Ltd


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