Najaf Ali ali at happybearsoftware.com
Mon Jul 25 02:40:44 PDT 2016

Good morning LRUG,
Hope you're all well. We're a Ruby/Rails development consultancy and currently
have availability for new development projects. Some things we've done for
clients this year: * Created a platform for searching and comparing financial instruments.
 * Refactored, documented, and added tests to a legacy codebase, including
   introducing newfangled technologies like Bundler .
 * Created and developed a backend API for a highly complex enterprise SPA.
 * Created a client-side itinerary price calculator for trips on the Japanese

If you have a requirement for experienced developers that can do both back-end
Ruby on Rails work and build complex client-side applications then please get in
Other things while I'm here: * I've started recording a podcast called The CTO Show , which seems to be getting some good reviews. I'd love any feedback, good
   or bad, especially since I'm not much of a podcast listener.
 * We've spun our security offering into it's own thing, which really means another website , twitter account, etc. If you'd like us to a do a security-focus code
   audit, run our security workshop for your developers or just have me talk to
   your team about security for an hour at no charge then let me know.
 * I have an open coffee/lunch invitation for anyone on this list that wants to talk about hiring, being hired,
   security, food, programming computers, food, history, or whatever else. If
   that sounds interesting to you then let me know and we'll put something in
   the calendar.

All the best,
Najaf Ali - Founder at Happy Bear Software Phone: 07590 073 977 Skype: alinajaf85 Timezone: London, UTC + 1 LinkedIn | Twitter | Medium | GitHub

I run a technical consultancy specialising in Ruby on Rails. Have a look at this one-page info sheet for a summary of the services we provide. We're always happy to meet people
building software, so if you think of anyone appropriate for us we would
appreciate being put in touch :-)
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