[LRUG] [FOR HIRE] Looking for (dev)ops contract work in London

Jerry Steele ticktockhouse at gmail.com
Tue Jul 19 10:53:54 PDT 2016


For my second post, I hope no one minds some more shameless self-promotion

I'm looking for systems/devops type work in London. I've got 10+ years
experience and over 15 years experience in more general IT-related work.
Please see my Linkedin profile
<https://uk.linkedin.com/pub/jerry-steele/0/915/912> for a more detailed
overview of my skills.

I'd say I'm more "ops" than "dev", but am highly aware of the benefits of
automation and configuration management can have in terms of getting things
done in this field.

Key skills:
  - AWS, mainly in conjunction with Terraform
  - Configuration management:
    - Ansible
    - Puppet design & deployment
  - Ruby on Rails
  - mysql & postrges
  - Automation using bash/python scripting
  - Monitoring - Sensu, Nagios, Icinga, Shinken, Ganglia
  - Good understanding of networking/routing

Key achievments:
  - Implementation of Nagios/Ganglia monitoring system
  - Design and deployment of puppet configuration based around gitlab
  - Sole sysadmin/devops person for a music streaming service "startup"
  - Design & implementation of Ansible configuration management system for
said service

In the last year or so, I have gained a lot of experience with AWS (I have
been configuring via Terraform) and good familiarity with
software-as-a-service offerings as they pertain to operations.

I also like to think I have good communication/people skills, though I
understand that's very subjective :) My current job has been my
introduction to the Agile methodology, and as a way to work I've found it
very useful, as I believe many tech companies do now.

I'm based in Worthing, on the south coast, but am used to enduring the
commute for the right job (touch wood, the famously bad Southern Railway
haven't let me down too badly yet, certainly not on the way in in the
morning!). In terms of availability, I believe I will be ready to start at
the beginning of September, so if anyone has anything coming up, please
feel free to get in touch. Full CV available on request.



Jerry Steele
Telephone: +44 (0)7492 910225
GPG: 43A3A8C6
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