[LRUG] [JOBS] Our creative communications agency is hiring a dev

Charlie Hawker charlie.hawker at staffordlong.co.uk
Wed May 18 08:10:42 PDT 2016

Hello LRUGers,

We’re currently hiring our first dedicated back end developer to join the growing digital team at Stafford Long & Partners.

Who is that, we hear you ask? Well, Stafford Long & Partners are a small, friendly creative communications agency working in the fields of graduate & student marketing, candidate engagement, and employer branding & communications. We also run a variety of diversity and inclusion events throughout the year to help minority groups connect with potential employers.

The role presents a real opportunity to help mould the digital strategy of our company. Our preferred tech leans towards Ruby on Rails, but we do also run a few smaller Jekyll sites too as well as some non-Ruby stuff.

So, why should you work here? You get a competitive salary. You can get a loan on your annual travelcard. You get to work in a room full of brilliant creatives (other developers, creative copywriters, art directors, designers, and video production staff). And finally, and maybe most importantly, you'll enter our office every morning through the same Victorian-era lift where Sean Connery fought off villains in Diamonds are Forever. Fact.

Pretending to be James Bond aside, there's also plenty of opportunity to get involved in creative sessions surrounding video, on-campus marketing and experiential events, so you definitely won’t always be tied to your computer. You’ll also get to work with a whole range of brilliant clients, from the FTSE 100 to the hush-hush top secret (and we promise, the lift hasn’t gone to our heads).

So, that’s (almost) everything you need to know. If you’ve made it this far and you think we might be up your street, here are the crucial details:

Level: Junior to middleweight
Salary: £35k - £45k per year
Holiday: 25 days per year

Any questions, you can get me here, hit me up on Twitter at @CharlieHawker<http://twitter.com/CharlieHawker>, and we can meet up for a beer and a chat about the role. You can also see a more detailed job spec on our website<http://www.staffordlong.com/careers/?utm_source=lrug&utm_medium=mailing_list&utm_campaign=backend_developer>.


Charlie Hawker

107 Fleet Street London EC4A 2AB • www.staffordlong.com<http://www.staffordlong.com>


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