[LRUG] Looking for Rails project

David Hrachový david at primehammer.com
Wed May 18 04:40:14 PDT 2016

Hi guys, I'm David from PrimeHammer.

We are a small team of full-stack developers who solve real-world problems
with our MacBooks Pro. Right now, we are looking for a new cool client in
the United Kingdom.

Our current clients are companies in Germany and the United States.

How we work:
We work mostly remotely, however, to make things easier for you, we can
come to your office for 3 days to show our skills. No commitment. Free of

We do standard daily standups, code reviews and everything to push your
development to the next level. Every few weeks we come to your office,
bring Czech beer and plan next sprint.

Why us:
* easily extend your development bandwidth ASAP to get more things done
* you get a new feature gratis. Remember? 3 days of development free of
* we are a premium software development agency, not recruiters
* looking for a long-term project, not just one-time gig

Take a look at our testimonials from the top clients at
If you have any questions, I'll be happy to reply.

BTW I co-founded a babysitting company https://www.hlidacky.cz/en - the
biggest babysitting website in the Czech Republic. So I care about adding
value to your business / increasing your revenue.

Have a great day,

David Hrachovy
CEO, PrimeHammer

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