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The Product Delivery team at Lost My Name are missing someone and that
someone might be you! We’re on the hunt (we are looking high and low) for a
Bubbly, Bright, Brainy Back-End developer to join our Butt-kicking team…
(okay, enough with the alliteration!)
Product Delivery

The Product Delivery team like… well… delivering our products. But, we like
to do it *in style* (with technology!) We're the people who help our
magical, technical, personalized books get from our printers to our
parents, and then into the hands of little princes and princesses all
across the world.

How would you help? You’d come on board and dive straight into SQL;
whipping up bespoke reports for other squads who help our books get from
our brains to our customer’s hands.

We’ll also need some help onboarding print-houses across the globe into our
tech and supply chain. What’s involved in that? We now create our products
in 10 print-houses globally, and ship our products to 173 countries (we
went up 20 countries just over Christmas last year!) and as you can imagine
that takes a team with a lot of logistic clout who love to get sh*t done.
You’ll be there when we integrate the tech stacks, ensure the files are in
the right place at the right time, and that our tracking information is
Up to the challenge?

Problems we're solving…
Problem 1:

How do we make our supply chain the most amazingest, fastest, and
impressive supply chain in eCommerce, and publishing?
Problem 2:

How do we keep our customers up to date on all with all of the shipping
information available?
Problem 3:

What is the BEST way to ship our magical books? Timezones, holidays, work
days … but imagine those in 7 countries!
Problem 4:

What are we going to make as the first meal on our office’s new rooftop
BBQ? We have vegans here so we need to be smart about this.
How we make our Magic

Here's the rundown… Our team is small and mighty! We work in Squads here at
Lost My Name, which means you’ll get to learn from supply chain managers,
back end dev, and product managers. We don’t call you Product Delivery for
nothing: You guys will DELIVER. You’ll be there rolling out changes to our
supply chain (remember integrating those new print-houses we were talking
about before?) that immediately make revenue impact, and send our books
further out into the world! (We’ve shipped over 1.5 million books, and this
Christmas the work you do will show those numbers who is boss!)
And you are?

So you’re a Jr Ruby Developer, and you know SQL. You love working on
complex problems, and shipping your code almost straight past those testers
(they’ve never needed to stop it so far – right?!)… You’re meticulous, you
write code like an expensive haircut (clean, trim, and slick).

You also want to learn new skills, though? Well, you’re in the right place.
This position is working directly with a more Senior Back-End dev to
working on solving (rather scarily) what we call the Bus-Test… If Alex was
hit by a bus tomorrow – could you pull yourself up and take his place? We
hope so. (To be clear, we love Alex and never want to see him harmed… maybe
we should call it the “Pillow Fight test?” We’ll come up with something.)
What's the stack?

Once onboard you'll be working within our E-Commerce site. This is a Rails
app built on top of Solidus (github.com/solidusio/solidus), a fork of
Spree. However, we're currently transitioning to a Node and React frontend
app and using the Rails site as an API. This is all hosted on Heroku. We
run Continuous Integration and deploy our site via our own deploy tool on

   - Rails
   - Solidus
   - React
   - Node
   - Heroku
   - AWS
   - Go
   - Pancakes (sometimes, anyway)

Jess Hayes
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