[LRUG] [JOBS] Perm & contract roles

Thayer Prime thayer at team-prime.com
Mon Aug 21 02:36:00 PDT 2017

Good morning LRUG, happy Monday.

I've got a lot of (London based) Ruby roles on at the moment so if you
fancy just knowing what's out there, or a post-summer role change,
now's a good time to say hello.

* One contractor role, £500 a day, 2-3 months great product company in
Old Street (product company)
* Two technical lead roles, £80k (one in dating, one in edutech)
* Five senior roles, £65-75k (four edutech, and one open data)
* and O/T but in case you know someone (sibling? friend) who'd like it
- a no-experience needed FED junior role, £28k, Somerset House.
(product & privacy company)

Keeping it short and sweet, but if you'd like to see any of the full
details just email me and I'll send you the full company details and
specs by return.

Also as a reminder: even if you're not interested in any thing we're
working on directly I'm always happy to give advice on careers, salary
bench-marking and anything else. Don't be shy to get in touch if I can
ever help. All free for individuals.

Have a lovely week.


Thayer Prime
CEO & Founder
Team Prime Ltd


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