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Stephen Lewis stephen.lewis at palatinategroup.com
Mon Jul 10 04:05:26 PDT 2017

Hello LRUG

I’m the CTO of Palatinate Tech <https://tech.palatinategroup.com/>, the
in-house development team behind a group of travel companies including Your
Golf Travel <https://www.yourgolftravel.com/>, spabreaks.com
<https://www.spabreaks.com/> and racingbreaks.com
<https://www.racingbreaks.com/>. We work on software for all aspects of
selling holidays including websites, online booking functionality,
third-party API integrations and systems for our call centre and
contracting teams.

We’d like to add some excellent human beings (who happen to be able to
write Ruby code) to our team in Farringdon ‒ we’re looking for permanent,
on-site, senior developers. Our tech team is currently ~25 people, and the
whole group employs ~230 people, turning over ~£80m.

Our interview process has two rounds. The first is a remote (fairly
technical) chat of around 45 minutes ‒ we promise there won’t be any
‘puzzle’ questions, but we do like hearing technical details of things
you’ve worked on recently. The second is an on-site pair programming
session with a few of our team, in which you’ll tackle a small problem over
two hours. We rotate pairing partners between the four 25-minute pomodoros,
so you’ll get a chance to meet a few members of the team.

A few of the team will be at the LRUG meeting tonight, so if you’d like to
find out more just look for the (white and purple) Palatinate Tech shirts.
I would have loved to come too, but I’m currently sitting in a tent in the
Lake District willing the weather to improve!

You can also find out more about the team at

Finally: if this sounds interesting to you, please reply to me directly.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


*Senior full stack developer*

Salary: up to £80k

We're looking for a senior developer to help us build new products and
experiences for the travel industry. Our team’s mission is to create the
best possible online experience for purchasing niche travel products,
ensuring that our customers have a great experience from the moment they
first visit one of our sites to the moment they return from their holiday.

*About us*

We are the in-house tech team behind a group of travel companies including
Your Golf Travel, spabreaks.com and racingbreaks.com. The group is a mature
company that has been operating (profitably) for more than 10 years, and we
currently employ more than 230 people.

Over 300,000 people travel on one of our holidays each year, and the
combined turnover of the group is over £80m.

*About the team*

Our development team consists of 25 developers with a mix of on-site and
remote workers. We use many different technologies and languages, our
staple being Ruby on Rails. All of our infrastructure is hosted on Google
Cloud Platform, and we use BigQuery extensively to analyze data from the
majority of our systems.

Our team has an agile mentality, and the users of our software are heavily
involved in all aspects of the work on our systems. Our work involves a mix
of greenfield and legacy work, but don’t let this scare you off ‒ we
believe in investing in the long-term health of our projects.

We use all the usual tools: Github, Slack, Trello, Google Hangouts. Most of
our pairing is done either in person or using vim/tmux, but we believe in
choosing our own tools.

*Things you could work on:*

   - Bringing a better online booking experience to the golf, spa and
   racing industry, focusing on search and checkout

   - Improving the software used by our sales, customer service and
   supplier relations teams

   - Analytics (working with data sets spanning the entire spectrum from
   website/call centre activity through to booking)

   - Infrastructure ‒ we have infrastructure specialists, but our team
   believes in ‘shipping its own code’

   - Integration with third-party APIs to bring new products to our
   customers directly on our websites and through call centres

*To work here, you should be:*

   - An expert at OO programming

   - Experienced with domain modelling

   - A TDD practitioner

   - An excellent pair programmer

   - Pragmatic ‒ able to work with customers to make sure we’re always
   working on the right things

   - Experienced at mentoring members of a team and imparting knowledge

   - Able to work with the design of systems ‘in the large’ ‒ designing
   APIs and protocols to connect our systems together


   - WFH one day a week and flexible working

   - 25 days holiday + bank holidays

   - £1k per year training/conference budget

   - £500 per annum in travel vouchers to be redeemed with
   yourgolftravel.com or spabreaks.com

   - Quarterly company socials

   - Two 4-day working trips in the UK and abroad to our selected travel

   - Referral bonus of £1k if you introduce new staff to the team

   - Friday afternoons for training and non project work

   - Choose your own tools

Stephen Lewis
Palatinate Tech <https://tech.palatinategroup.com/>
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