[LRUG] [JOBS] Full Stack Web Developer (mainly Rails❤️) at JobLab

Simon George simon at sfcgeorge.co.uk
Thu Jul 13 02:27:41 PDT 2017

Hello to my favourite meet up, 

JobLab is an all in one hiring platform. We reduce friction by directly connecting startups with students and graduates: job site, candidate search, and application tracking. JobLab was started by graduates and has grown to reach 10s of thousands.

We're looking for a full stack Rails developer to join our small team and help us iterate faster. Following recent funding this is an opportunity to have a positive impact on a range of people across our services.

We love our tech stack and keep it up to date:

* ♦️Ruby on Rails (updated several times, now on 5.x) 
* 🐘PostgreSQL (and some neat analytics stuff with JSONB) 
* 🔎ElasticSearch (used heavily for candidate search with custom ranking functions) 
* Sprinkling of Javascript 
* RSpec and Capybara tests 
* Sidekiq workers using Redis 
* Heroku hosting, S3 image uploads 
* Etc 😉

We don't expect you to know all these, but solid Ruby and Rails knowledge is important as it's the heart of our codebase. Bringing more Javascript knowledge to the team is a plus, and other skills are welcome—we're always interested in evaluating new technologies (like Crystal, ActionCable, React) so let us know!

You'll have chances to work across our different services and components. An upcoming project will be streamlining the candidate signup flow: better UX, simpler forms, PDF CV import, autofill from LinkedIn, live validations, saving progress, and gamification. AI and chatbots are also on the roadmap. These are the kind of varied projects you can look forward to.

Development processes include:

* Version control (Git & Github) 
* Continuous integration testing 
* Performance monitoring 
* Security best practices 
* Error reporting 
* A/B testing

You will help us define further processes that make sense for development in the team as we grow. You may like to try pair programming and other knowledge sharing such as going to meet ups and conferences (tickets paid), but everyone works in different ways so it's not required.

## Qualifications and skills

* 💡 CS or related degree / Code camp / Self taught and proud! 
* 🔨 1+ years using Ruby / Rails and relational database. 
* 💼 1+ years working experience (could be freelance). 
* 🐣 Communicative, inquisitive and experimental. 
* 🤔 Reasoning for/against using a technology / best practice.

## Hiring

We believe diverse company culture leads to more creative ideas and better products for customers, so we encourage people from all backgrounds to apply. Show us some projects, experiences or ideas you're proud of 🎉: simon at joblab.com

Applying through JobLab would be great dogfooding—improving the candidate signup flow is our next project so don't be put off and suggestions are welcome; you might be the one implementing them! https://app.joblab.com/j/311

## Details

£30–34,000 per year
Full time – London

I look forward to your questions, applications, and feedback. Thanks,
Simon George, CTO
simon at joblab.com

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