[LRUG] [ANN] August meeting details

Murray Steele murray.steele at lrug.org
Fri Jul 21 03:09:13 PDT 2017

Hi everyone,

The next LRUG meeting will be on Monday 14th August.  Doors will open at
6pm with the talks starting at 6:30pm and we aim to be done by 8pm.  As
ever we’re hosted by our good friends Skills Matter at Code Node, 10 South
Place, EC2M 7EB.  You can find full details of the meeting

If you can’t wait for your browser to load that page though, read on!  We
have 4 talks this month:

* “Let the Cats out of the bag” by Adam Lancaster
* “Empathetech” by Lola Odelola
* “GraphQL in Ruby” by Phil Cowans & Darren Oakley
* “Why writing software is nothing like building a house” by Patrick Gleeson

They won’t necessarily be given in that order.  Don’t rely on it if you’re
planning your travel and particularly want to see one talk over another.

This month we also have to thank Nested, a property tech startup, for being
nice enough to provide us with some food and drink at the meeting.  Thanks

The food and drink will be available in the Skills Matter downstairs area
before the meeting, so it’s really in your best interests to get to Code
Node before 6:30pm so you can partake.  It’s not going in the bin at 6:30pm
if we don’t consume it all, but I wouldn’t bank on there being much left if
you turn up at 6:35pm ;)

If you’d like to attend you must:

1. Read our code of conduct: http://readme.lrug.org/#code-of-conduct
  We expect everyone to behave properly and this describes what we mean by

2. Register with Skills Matter:
  You’ll probably get in if you don’t register, but you might have to stand
at the back in a room that isn’t big enough.  Skills Matter allocate the
rooms based on the number of folk registered so it’s in all our interests
if you register to make sure we get the most appropriate room and have it
laid out with enough seating.

Hope to see you all there!


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