[LRUG] Git Common-Flow (1.0.0-rc.3)

Jim Myhrberg contact at jimeh.me
Mon Jul 24 09:01:29 PDT 2017

Hey everyone, I've been lurking on this mailing list for years and rarely
say much of anything, but I figure people here might appreciate this:


In short it's "an attempt to gather a sensible selection of the most common
usage patterns of git into a single and concise specification."

My original goal was to make it easy to adapt a simple and easy workflow
within organizations that typically want/need things specified, and simply
saying "just use GitHub Flow and add release tags" wasn't good enough. I
might have taken things a bit to the extreme, but hopefully the end result
is something good and useful to others too.

I would really appreciate feedback, both good and bad. Since the spec is
still in the release candidate phase, I'm hoping to get some valuable
feedback from outside of my circle of friends before a official 1.0.0

Thanks for everyone's time :)
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