[LRUG] [COURSES] Rails Security Workshop - September 2017

Najaf Ali ali at happybearsoftware.com
Tue Jul 25 03:23:27 PDT 2017

Minasama konnichiwa,
Hope you're all well! I am running the Rails security workshop again in
September. Details here:

There is also this blog post in case you need to convince a boss to buy you
This is a one-day workshop for intermediate+ developers who want to improve
their awareness of potential security issues in Ruby on Rails codebases. The
format is a series of time-boxed security challenges. In each challenge, you
work in pairs to identify and exploit a security vulnerability in a Rails
application, using your technical knowledge and programming ability.
If there's anything that you would like to know that isn't covered in the
landing page then feel free to get in touch at this address and I'll get back to
you ASAP. As always I'm always happy to run the workshop for your team in-house
if that makes more sense.
Separate from this, as you may or may not know I run a Rails agency. We've had a
couple of client projects wrap up recently so if you need a bit of extra help on
your team while you're perhaps looking for experienced perms, I'd love to hear
from you.
All the best,
Najaf Ali - Founder atHappy Bear SoftwarePhone: 07590 073 977Skype: alinajaf85
Timezone: London, UTC + 1LinkedIn |Twitter |Medium |GitHub

I run a technical consultancy specialising in Ruby on Rails. Have a look atthis
one-page info sheet for a summary of the services we provide. We're always happy
to meet people building software, so if you think of anyone appropriate for us
we would appreciate being put in touch :-)
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