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Matthew O'Riordan matthew.oriordan at gmail.com
Tue Jul 25 08:09:57 PDT 2017

Hello LRUG’ers

I’m the technical co-founder and CTO of Ably, a realtime data delivery
platform <https://www.ably.io/>. We’ve just completed a financing round to
fuel our growth and build our full time team.

Ably helps power next generation digital experiences. Ones which are live
rather than static, where data is in motion rather than at rest. Things
like live chat, realtime location tracking, live document collaboration,
gaming and elearning. Our customers include well known brands like Yahoo,
OfferUp, IBM, CA Technologies, Team GB, but also a wide array of startups
globally. One of our customers even uses Ably for their air traffic control
system for drones.

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*Our technology stack:*

   - Ruby on Rails for our web services, e-commerce, service status and
   other customer facing websites.
   - Go and Ruby for infrastructure services, and Ruby for infrastructure
   automation and orchestration.
   - Node.js, Elixir and Go for our realtime services. Some lower level
   native code where necessary.
   - Cassandra, Postgres, InfluxDB and ElasticSearch used for data storage.
   - Highly distributed, self-healing, autoscaling systems built upon a
   huge array of AWS services.
   - Ably client libraries to use our service <https://github.com/ably> in
   all popular languages.

*Job description:*

You'll be working alongside our product evangelists and a deeply technical
engineering team who collectively bring a wealth of experience and broad
technology skills. The calibre of the code we produce in all teams is what
excites and motivates us each day. Our team is made up of a large remote
contingent, however our base is in London and growing. We are strong
believers in face-to-face communication where possible. Whilst this is a
remote working role, being able to practically travel to London
occasionally is highly preferable and working on a similar time zone is a

Day to day you can expect to be working on:

   - Full stack development of the website at www.ably.io which is
   comprised of the marketing site, the e-commerce engine, the realtime
   platform dashboards and the internal admin areas.  The site makes extensive
   use of a service layer, custom Gems for our documentation and service
   provisioning, EventMachine for the IO dependent concurrent requests, some
   Angular and sensible use of popular design patterns where applicable.
   - Refining, extending and improving our test coverage across all our web
   services and sites. We love test-driven development when it makes sense, we
   believe in testing every layer from unit tests up to acceptance tests, and
   we're always looking to find efficient ways to improve test coverage yet
   reduce time maintaining test suites.
   - Participating in code reviews.
   - Development and ongoing maintenance of our other web assets such as
   our status and incident management site <https://status.ably.io/>.
   - Working alongside the engineers of the realtime platform to deliver
   new features in the dashboard, documentation and examples.
   - Diagnosing and fixing bugs in our website services.
   - Be responsible for the complete lifecycle of your features and code
   i.e. pull request, reviews, testing, deploy to staging environments, then
   into production environments with ownership of any issues that arise.  We
   are strong believers in all developers being involved in the system
   operations as well.
   - Contributing to open source projects that we support or use in our
   products.  All of our client libraries are open source as well and may
   require your support at times, including the Ruby Realtime and Rest
   libraries <http://github.com/ably/ably-ruby>.
   - Helping customers solve problems they are experiencing that may help
   us find bugs in the platform.
   - Support the wider team in regards to documentation and customer
   - Suggestions for new features or improvements to our protocol and API
   specifications <https://docs.ably.io/client-lib-development-guide/>.


   - Expected salary range: €40k to €65k.
   - Holidays: 25+ days excluding national holidays.
   - Benefit from a truly flexible working environment in which remote
   working and managing your own working time is the norm.
   - Work in an environment where code quality, technical challenges and
   delivery is what we all care about.
   - Skills development is intrinsic in the job. We’re largely working on
   unsolved problems each day, and as such, there is plenty of scope to widen
   your knowledge and skillset.
   - Work with genuinely nice people who care.


   - Experience: A minimum of a three years of professional experience with
   Rails and ideally longer with Ruby. You must be a proficient full-stack
   developer using HTML, CSS, Javascript and have working knowledge of
   frontend frameworks such as Angular and/or React. Coffeescript is
   advantageous. You must have working experience with Cucumber and RSpec, the
   latter being our test framework of choice. Any exposure to realtime and
   distributed systems is a real advantage. Exposure to infrastructure and
   devops is beneficial.
   - Pragmatic: A problem solver excited by the prospect of working
   autonomously solve problems and bring solutions to the team.
   - Fast Learner: We’re looking for software engineers who thrive on
   applying their knowledge, learning new technologies.
   - Testing: Experience using testing frameworks and adoption of test
   driven development where applicable.
   - Infrastructure: Experience with infrastructure and distributed systems
   is beneficial.
   - Communication: We use tools such as Slack throughout the day to
   communicate, however we believe in voice conversations to discuss and solve
   problems. You must be proficient in spoken and written English, be eager to
   collaborate with the engineering team and constructively welcome code
   - Customers: Comfortable talking to customers and assisting them with
   their technical issues and integration.
   - Open source: We prefer developers who have contributed back to the
   open source community, even if those contributions are small.

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Matthew O'Riordan
CEO who codes
Ably - simply better realtime <https://www.ably.io/>

*Ably News: **We’re recruiting - https://jobs.ably.io
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