[LRUG] [JOBS] Backend engineers at OpenCorporates

Thomas Marshall thomas.marshall at opencorporates.com
Fri Jun 9 03:24:58 PDT 2017

And here's the original job post, in case you missed it:


We at OpenCorporates are looking for backend engineers - see
> https://blog.opencorporates.com/jobs-at-opencorporates for the details.
> In brief, if you work at OpenCorporates you get to work with interesting
> technology on a successful open data project which helps people fight
> corruption, money laundering and organised crime. Which is a pretty cool
> combo.

If it sounds like your kind of thing then please get in touch! The above
> link has instructions, but feel free to drop me an email directly if you
> have any questions etc.

Recruiters: if you are thinking about contacting us, please don't - we'll
> contact you. Thanks.



Thomas Marshall

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