[LRUG] [NOIDEAWHICHTAG] Ad-hoc Web Dev/Designer Recommendation

Marc Wickenden marc at 4armed.com
Thu May 11 08:10:22 PDT 2017

Hello LRUG,

Can anyone recommend a good agency or freelance web dev who would be able to do ad-hoc small updates to our static (Jekyll) site from time-to-time?

I should emphasise this tends to be small change work and irregular but we often need graphics and page layouts designing for us, something we have no expertise for in-house. Sometimes we code up the HTML/JS/CSS, etc ourselves based off the design, sometimes we get our agency to do it, a lot depends on cost and availability of resource internally.

Right now we have a few specific things we are looking to get updated and I’m open to a new relationship with someone/some company as I’ve been underwhelmed by the two agencies we’ve used to date. In their defence they are very WordPress focused and undoubtedly have bigger projects going than we offer them but I thought the technical fit would be a better one for Rubyists, hence emailing this list.



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