[LRUG] [EVENT] blackgirl.tech birthday party

damilola odelola damzcodes at gmail.com
Mon Oct 16 11:18:14 PDT 2017


I'm Lola and you may have seen me do a couple of LRUG talks this year on
the role of empathy in tech or on finding your first jr role. I'm also the
founder of blackgirl.tech and I wanted to take the time to invite you *all*
to our 3rd birthday party next Thursday. Folks on here have been super
supportive of :bgt and we've accomplished a lot this year so it'd be great
to celebrate & see you there next week. It's free entry but you do need to
pay a (refundable) deposit to secure your space, more info here:

Invite anyone you think would be interested in coming too!


Lola Odelola

blackgirl.tech | @blackgirltech <http://www.twitter.com/blackgirltech>
www.damilolaodelola.com | @lolaodelola <http://www.twitter.com/lolaodelola>
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