[LRUG] Rails/DDD workshop, London, November 16-17th

Andrzej Krzywda andrzejkrzywda at gmail.com
Wed Oct 18 12:34:26 PDT 2017

Hey all,

Just a small update - there will be a free webinar hosted by me, on the
topic of Rails/DDD - aka how to do it all DDD/CQRS/ES with Rails (and
RailsEventStore) from the beginning


It's Wednesday, Oct 25.

I know not everyone can attend the workshops, so I'd be happy to help
through the webinar format.

Andrzej Krzywda

On Wed, Oct 11, 2017 at 5:27 PM, Andrzej Krzywda <andrzejkrzywda at gmail.com>

> Hey elrug!
> I've been attending LRUG meetups back in 2006/2007 - great times!
> After coming back from London to Poland I have started Arkency, a small,
> 15-senior-devs Ruby agency - maybe some of you have seen our
> http://blog.arkency.com/ blogposts.
> For many years, we've been looking for solutions to the "big legacy Rails
> apps" problem and we found some interesting ideas in the DDD/CQRS/Event
> sourcing worlds, which we now apply in our Rails apps. We have also decided
> to share this knowledge in the form of books and workshops.
> The "Rails/DDD" workshop has happened 5 times already - 3 times in
> Wroclaw, Poland, once in Lviv, Ukraine and once in Berlin (last month).
> Given that many of our blog readers are based in London, we have decided to
> host our next edition in your lovely city. The date is November, 16-17th,
> it's a 2-day workshop.
> We haven't decided on the venue yet - if you know any company office/venue
> which would be a good fit for 20-25 people, please let me know!
> More details at: http://blog.arkency.com/domain-driven-rails-workshop-
> london/
> Base price is $719, but if you buy now it's $519 (increasing in a few days
> to $619). If you'd like to join, here's a special LRUG link which will stay
> at $519, without increasing it later.
> https://arkency.dpdcart.com/cart/add?product_id=136088&method_id=168650
> During the workshop, there will be 3 people from Arkency, explaining and
> helping with the exercises. Also, there will be plenty of time to ask us
> more questions how DDD work with our Rails apps and what are the pitfalls.
> If you're interested in group discounts, contact me directly.
> We already sold 10 tickets, so about 10-15 are still available.
> Thanks,
> Andrzej Krzywda
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