[LRUG] Rails/DDD workshop, London, November 16-17th

Andrzej Krzywda andrzejkrzywda at gmail.com
Wed Oct 11 08:27:23 PDT 2017

Hey elrug!

I've been attending LRUG meetups back in 2006/2007 - great times!

After coming back from London to Poland I have started Arkency, a small,
15-senior-devs Ruby agency - maybe some of you have seen our
http://blog.arkency.com/ blogposts.

For many years, we've been looking for solutions to the "big legacy Rails
apps" problem and we found some interesting ideas in the DDD/CQRS/Event
sourcing worlds, which we now apply in our Rails apps. We have also decided
to share this knowledge in the form of books and workshops.

The "Rails/DDD" workshop has happened 5 times already - 3 times in Wroclaw,
Poland, once in Lviv, Ukraine and once in Berlin (last month). Given that
many of our blog readers are based in London, we have decided to host our
next edition in your lovely city. The date is November, 16-17th, it's a
2-day workshop.

We haven't decided on the venue yet - if you know any company office/venue
which would be a good fit for 20-25 people, please let me know!

More details at:

Base price is $719, but if you buy now it's $519 (increasing in a few days
to $619). If you'd like to join, here's a special LRUG link which will stay
at $519, without increasing it later.


During the workshop, there will be 3 people from Arkency, explaining and
helping with the exercises. Also, there will be plenty of time to ask us
more questions how DDD work with our Rails apps and what are the pitfalls.

If you're interested in group discounts, contact me directly.
We already sold 10 tickets, so about 10-15 are still available.

Andrzej Krzywda
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