[LRUG] [JOBS] Shakespeare Schools Foundation are looking for a strong Ruby / Rails freelancer

Ed Jones ed at error.agency
Fri Jan 25 08:33:55 PST 2019


Shakespeare Schools Foundation (https://www.shakespeareschools.org/ <https://www.shakespeareschools.org/>), a former client of ours, really need some help from a strong Ruby / Rails freelancer. Their website has a backend which helps schools organise their workshops and performances, and the whole thing links to their internal CRM. The codebase needs a few changes for this year's festival, and some bugfixes and maintenance. I can help to hand over the code to you. It's a pretty standard Rails stack using all the usual gems - devise, pundit, draper etc. I don't know the full scope of the work but I anticipate 5 days' effort or more, plus some inevitable handover / spin-up time for you.

I have told the Festival Director, Alanna Beeken, that I'll write a note to you all to see if anyone can help out. The foundation does great work for kids across the country, and their money would go further with a freelancer than engaging us at agency rates. If you're willing to cut them a deal on your usual rate that's awesome, but not expected.

If you're interested, please drop me a note with some recent examples of your work and your day rate, and I will pass on your details.

Really hope you can help


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