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Murray Steele murray.steele at lrug.org
Mon Jan 28 12:58:18 PST 2019

Hi folks,

The next LRUG meeting is on Monday 11th February.  As ever hosted by Skills
Matter at Code Node between Liverpool St. and Moorgate stations.  The doors
open at 6, the talks start at 6:30, and we should be done by 8pm, although
if you want to keep on socialising we have options for you.

As usual our February meeting is dedicated to lightning talks.  We’ll have
eight speakers, with no more than 10 minutes to explore their topic.
Confirmed so far are:

* “A different take on validation using the dry-validation gem” by Alfredo
* “Capybara architecture overview” by Ben Holmes
* “Automating Infrastructure Tasks with the Serverless Framework” by Bernat
* “Using Rails with a Content Distribution Network (CDN)” by Gideon Goldberg

The keen readers among you will notice that I said earlier we’d have eight
speakers, but this list is only four speakers long.  You’re right, we are
only halfway to filling the agenda, so there’s still space for you to
volunteer a talk, or for you to chase up some friends and colleagues and
spread the word.  It needn’t even be 100% about ruby; chances are if you, a
person who has read this and is thus notionally interested in ruby, thinks
the topic is interesting, then we will too.  Get in touch with us on
talks at lrug.org to volunteer.

If you’d like to read more about the talks you can do so on our site at
http://lrug.org/meetings/2019/february - this also includes full venue and
registration details, as well as your choices for continuing the evening
after the talks.

If you just want to claim your registration code and make sure there’s a
seat for you you should:

1. Remind yourself of our code of conduct at:
2. Register to attend with our hosts Skills Matter at:


Murray (& the rest of the organisation team)
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