[LRUG] LRUG Survey! Please fill in! You're the greatest!

James Adam james at lazyatom.com
Thu Oct 3 04:08:25 PDT 2019

Hi folks!

Did you know that LRUG is almost 14 years old? Can you believe that? 

We handful of folks that help organise LRUG and run the meet-ups have been thinking about how that’s going.  We want to make sure that LRUG is still serving the needs of its members, and so we’ve prepared a little survey to help get a better picture of what’s going on in your collective, wonderful heads. It’s somewhat skewed towards the meet-ups, but it would be very useful if _everyone_ who’s a part of the community (i.e. on this list) would participate, no matter who or where or what you are.

Here’s the link:


Please, fill it in, it shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes, and it will really help us if you do. G’wan. Ye will. Ye will ye will ye will.

Thanks! You really are the greatest.

— James & the Fellowship of LRUG Organisers

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