[LRUG] [JOBS] Sorry it's another non-Ruby one - React!

Matthew Karas m at m.ki
Thu Oct 10 05:14:24 PDT 2019

I need someone to help create web-based prototypes for a media-rich ed-tech
(pronunciation analysis) app. Lots of gamification and video, and *must*
look great on a phone.

Would consider prototyping directly into native apps, but only if it's as
fast and easy to update as web.

I was thinking of React, as I had a good experience of building a
mobile-first web-site and then native iOs and Android apps, three years
ago. Obviously, things change, so would also consider other approaches.

Central London preferred, but remote considered, especially in the case of
engineers who have a good track record of delivering.

I'd be very interested in someone who can create acceptable consumer UIs
without input from a designer, as this is very early, and a separate design
workstream will kick off soon. This is all about the user-journey and

Mail me if interested.
Matthew Karas
m at m.ki
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