[LRUG] [JOBS] Short term flexible contract at Ably Realtime

Matthew O'Riordan matthew.oriordan at gmail.com
Fri Sep 6 07:11:13 PDT 2019

Hey all

We're in the process of building out our perm Rails / web engineering here
team in London (Camden office), but in reality that's going to take a few

We have a remote team in Portugal we've been work with for years who
maintain our web apps, but we've got a backlog now of new cool features
building up so hoping to find someone who happens to have some spare time
on their hands to come and help out here in our office.

If you or someone you know fits the bill, please let me know, I'll be very

   - Experienced full stack dev ideally as features typically require back
   & front end work
   - We're flexible about when and where you work, but given the nature of
   the work (lots of small to medium sized features) we expect you to be in
   the office at least half the time.
   - We need help now. No hold on, yesterday would be better :)
   - Prob 1-3 months work. As above, we're flexible and happy to consider
   all options, so long as you can make it physically into the office some of
   the time.

Do drop me a line on matt at ably.io if you've got some time to spare, or know
someone else who may.

*P.S. If you're looking generally for a more permanent gig at an
engineering-led business, we're looking for a head of web dev, senior Ruby
engineers, and frontend devs. See www.ably.io/careers

Matthew O'Riordan <https://linkedin.com/in/lemon>
Ably CEO & tech co-founder <https://www.ably.io/about/team>
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github <https://github.com/mattheworiordan> / twitter
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<https://linkedin.com/in/lemon> [image: Logo] <https://www.ably.io/>

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