[LRUG] Running production apps on Heroku

Tom Close tom.close at cantab.net
Thu Sep 19 05:30:24 PDT 2019

Hi Matt,

I used Heroku at a previous startup and would thoroughly recommend it. We
didn't have premium support, but in 4yrs we didn't have any reason to reach
out to support - it all just worked. (We did have an issue with one of
their MongoDB add-ons, but that was administered by a separate company.)

The startup was a YC startup, so we didn't pay anything at all for the
first few years, due to this <https://www.heroku.com/accelerate>. Might be
worth checking if the team you're working with has any affiliation that
might be able to provide them with credits. In any case, even 3 yrs in, the
bill wasn't large enough to justify allocating developer time to devops. I
think if what you're doing really takes off, that time will come - but
that's a good problem to have!


On Thu, 19 Sep 2019 at 10:13, Matt Collins <matt at mattcollins.net> wrote:

> Hi folks,
> What are your thoughts on running revenue-generating production apps on
> Heroku these days?
> In particular:
> 1) If you've used their standard (non-premium) support, how has the
> experience been for you? Have they been responsive out of US hours?
> 2) Have there been any specific gotchas, e.g. pricing getting out of hand
> for some specific reason?
> For context, I'm working with a small development team that doesn't have a
> lot of sysadmin expertise and we're considering moving our Rails app from a
> single machine managed for us by a hosting provider (who don't seem to have
> a great deal of ruby expertise) onto Heroku.
> We want to:
> -Separate out our staging environment (it's currently on the same machine
> as production)
> -Improve our system security
> -Get greater flexibility, e.g. to spin up new environments for test
> purposes
> -Improve our deployment pipeline
> -Have greater visibility of system configuration
> -Still be able to troubleshoot production issues easily
> These are things we could work on with our current hosting provider and/or
> by migrating to raw AWS but I'm thinking Heroku will do a lot out of the
> box, probably better than we'd set up ourselves.
> Our main concerns are around whether Heroku's 'standard' support will be
> good enough and any gotchas around pricing.
> Would be great to hear about your experiences.
> Thanks,
> Matt
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