[LRUG] [JOBS] Early-stage startup looking for full stack developer

Chris Patuzzo chris at patuzzo.co.uk
Wed Apr 29 03:43:50 PDT 2020


For the last year I've been working for a startup (truefootprint.com).

Recently, I made the decision to move on to pursue other interests
(possibly academia) and we're looking for someone to fill my shoes.

*What's the startup?*

It works in under-priviledged parts of the world, like Africa, to help with
community projects, like installing water pumps and building schools. We
have a very straightforward app that collects data from people in those
communities who have a vested interest in the success of these projects.
They answer a few basic questions and give daily "check ins" as to their

There's also a part of the startup that looks at global trends in climate
change and the figures reported by mining companies, tech companies, etc.
It tries to quantify how much CO2 is emitted per tonne of metal mined, that
kind of thing. When combined together, all this data is valuable and of
interest to companies who work in those regions or the financial sector.

*What's the tech stack?*

We have a Rails app on the backend and a React Native mobile app
(JavaScript). It's hosted on AWS using EC2. No frills. Actually, it's all
open (for now) and you can see those bits here:

- https://github.com/truefootprint/field-backend
- https://github.com/truefootprint/field-app
- https://github.com/truefootprint/infrastructure

Notably, the code organisation of the field-app is very similar to a Rails
app so should feel familiar.

Most of the complexity arises from a couple of things:

1) The app works entirely offline since it's targeted for rural areas, so
there's some data sync'ing that happens (a kind of distributed systems
2) The domain is rich and flexible to fit many different types of project,
so there's some interesting architecture stuff to consider

*What are we looking for?*

We're looking for someone to take over from me and continue the development
of the field app and other products. The business is still early stage
(there are three other people) and you would be the only technical person.
You can read more about those people on our website above.

Ideally, you should be a bit of a generalist (full stack) and willing to
shape the architecture and technical direction going forwards. There's
plenty of opportunity to learn and grow.

*What's the remuneration?*

At this stage, that's completely negotiable. The startup has _some_ funding
but it's not really enough to support £600/day contractors or expensive
agencies (sorry).

There's potential equity, salary and/or flexible working arrangements to
suit your needs. We want to be open, diverse and supportive. The role is
probably for someone fairly senior, though.

If this sounds interesting or if you have questions, let me know. If you
want to do fulfilling, meaningful work this may be the one for you.

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