[LRUG] [JOBS] Looking for a Ruby Developer to join the devs at CharlieHR

Alex Balhatchet alex at balhatchet.net
Mon Jul 27 08:54:24 PDT 2020

Hey folks,

I'm looking for a Ruby Developer to join my dev team at CharlieHR.

About the company - we build HR software and provide HR advice to thousands
of small businesses. We believe in cross-functional collaboration, building
up our expertise together, and the power of diverse teams.

About the tech - we build on the latest Ruby on Rails (excited for the
changes coming in 6.1!), backed by Postgres and Redis, using Sidekiq,
hosted on Heroku. Our frontend is built with a custom Ruby design system
with a great library of reusable components, which fosters a full-stack
approach to software development.

About the team - we're 30 people altogether, with a little under half of
that comprising our product function, which includes five developers. We
work in cross-functional teams so typically you'll be on a team led by a
product manager, with 1-2 designers and 1-2 other developers.

We're committed to an inclusive culture and non-discriminatory hiring <3

Full job spec here: https://apply.workable.com/charliehr/j/5B38A0FDF8/

If you have any questions you can get me at my work address
alex at charliehr.com, or if you're ready to apply you can do so on Workable
via the job spec link <https://apply.workable.com/charliehr/j/5B38A0FDF8/>.


- Alex
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