[LRUG] [JOBS] Looking for a volunteering or paid gig for month of august, up to 3 days a week

Alexander K.A. alexakustov at gmail.com
Mon Jul 27 13:43:37 PDT 2020

Hey folks,

Hope you are well.

I'm an experienced tech lead/contractor currently available for remote
development or consulting work for about 1-3 days per week, starting August.

In particular I can be of value if

   - You need someone to help deliver high-quality, large web application
   software with Rails/JS
   - You want to develop a roadmap for the next few months and efficiently
   optimize it for the dev team you already have
   - You understand remote work, or want to improve it for the rest of the

My work history in past three highlights

   1. Code & Dev team management, at a startup called, Axate, which
   introduced a concept of casual payments on the web, got funding and is
   still running on some major international publishers.
   2. Lead Dev, on a major project that took Oxford Dictionaries online to
   20 global languages and a few hundred countries, dismantled it, and rebuilt
   it again in what is now known Lexico
   3. Code mentor, through several online platforms and major UK
   universities, from one to one to auditoriums, at any level of code

If you think I might be a good fit for your team then please let me know, I
don't have a formal CV or wish to go through a "long" recruiting process.

That's why I mention the volunteering option, at least during this month,
but happy to continue the engagement if you think I can help your team or
project move forward.

All the best,

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