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Hywel Carver hywelc at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 02:42:02 PST 2020

Hiya everyone,

We're looking for a lead developer at Skiller Whale with strong Rails and
AWS-wrangling abilities. You'd be our first hire in the dev team, although
you'll actually be the third developer in the company - this isn't a
"technical cofounder" role!

We're trying to change how developers learn and gain new skills, by
offering focused and effective personalised training that transforms what
teams are capable of. We're a small, well-funded team and we're growing

And we have some interesting problems to solve: creating on-demand
infrastructure for each learner in a training session, building ad-hoc
break-out video conferencing rooms for trainers to speak briefly with small
groups of learners, and scaling the scheduling of live sessions across tens
or hundreds of learners and trainers.

I think this role is a good fit for:

   - a senior developer who wants to step up and lead.
   - an existing lead dev who wants to work in a small team where they'll
   have massive impact and potential for growth
   - or a startup CTO who wants to be closer to the code again

And we're a fully remote company, so geography doesn't need to be a barrier.

The full job advert and application form is at
https://apply.workable.com/skiller-whale/ and you can also reply to me
<hywel at skillerwhale.com> if you have any questions. I'd love to talk!


Hywel Carver <http://www.hcarver.com>

Skiller Whale <https://skillerwhale.com/> is how developers develop.
I run a dinner club for CTOs <http://tld.hcarver.com>.
I wrote this book
<http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/28232614-coding-unlocked> and this book
and I have a blog <http://writing.hcarver.com>
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