[LRUG] November meeting videos available

Murray Steele murray.steele at lrug.org
Sat Nov 14 06:26:13 PST 2020

Hi folks,

The videos from the November meeting are now available over at
https://lrug.org/meetings/2020/november/ so if you missed the meeting, or
want to rewatch the talks now's your chance.

We're organising the Dec meeting at the moment so keep an eye out for
details as they become available.  We're always looking for speakers
though, so please do get in touch at talks at lrug.org if you've got something
you'd like to say at an LRUG.

Next few meetings are:

Monday 14th Dec - probably a typical meeting with a couple of talks
Monday 11th Jan - we often like running something different for Jan so
no-one is spending their festive break sweating over a talk - let us know
if you have any ideas for this
Monday 8th Feb - our annual lightning talks meeting where all the talks
last no more than 10 minutes - a great opportunity for first time speakers
Monday 8th March - usually back to a typical two or three talks format, but
we'd be open to anything really

Almost certainly these will all be remote, so we can cast our speaker net
far and wide.  Tell your non-London-based friends and colleagues.


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