[LRUG] Best way to implement credit notes

Matt Collins matt at mattcollins.net
Fri Sep 11 06:48:39 PDT 2020


Have you implemented credit notes in any systems in the past? If so, I'd be
grateful for your thoughts.

The platform I'm currently working on has some limited financial management
functionality, including the ability for users to create and issue
invoices. We have quite a lot of code dealing with invoices in one way or

We're now looking at adding the ability for users to issue credit notes as

It feels to me like there's a lot of similarity between invoices and credit
notes, with credit notes being like invoices that happen to have
negative amounts. Given this, I'm thinking that, in the code, we'd probably
want to model credit notes as a special sort of invoice (or tease out a
common parent for both?)

A different approach could be to model them more as two completely
different things.

I'm guessing a few of you have been down this path before or have worked
with systems that deal with credit notes and invoices and know how it turns
out. Any recommendations about good ways to approach this, or things to

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