[LRUG] [JOBS] Contract - Full Stack Software Engineer (Rails)

Chris Parsons chris.p at rsons.org
Wed Jan 20 10:01:05 PST 2021

Hello 👋 it’s been a long while since I posted to the group!

After a 3 year stint as CTO building a Clojure-based startup, I’m now a part-time tech advisor to Lollipop, an extremely interesting new grocery startup. It’s very early stage and we’ve gone for Rails + Heroku for a prototype. I’m doing a tiny bit of code but I could do with some backup.

There’s a solid front-end developer/designer on it already, and the immediate need is for a Rails Contractor, to do some rapid mostly backend greenfield work for a few weeks. All fully remote of course, as long as UK-based.


We’re also making a couple of generalist permanent hires if that’s of interest :) Check out https://lollipop.breezy.hr for more.

Any questions, shoot me an email.


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