[LRUG] [ANN] July meeting details

Murray Steele murray.steele at lrug.org
Wed Jun 23 13:05:08 PDT 2021

Hi all,

For our July meeting on Monday 12th July we’re returning to what passes as
normal these days: a few talks delivered over zoom, starting at 6:20pm and
finishing around 8pm.

Lined up so far we have:

* “Breaking Up Monoliths With CRC cards” by Hemal Varambhia from Simply
* “Ruby on Rails for Fun and Social Good” by Alex Rudall from Beam

You can find full descriptions on both these talks at:

We have limited spaces on our zoom account, so we only send out the URL on
the night to those that pre-register via Eventbrite.  You can do so by:

1. Reading https://readme.lrug.org/#code-of-conduct as we expect you to
uphold these standards when you attend
2. Registering at
https://www.eventbrite.com/e/lrug-july-2021-tickets-160867074751 to secure
your place

As ever, if you’ve got something up your sleeve that you’d like to share
with LRUG attendees at a future meeting, please get in touch via
talks at lrug.org and we’ll get you booked in.  Check out
https://readme.lrug.org/#talks for some tips.


Murray & the rest of the LRUG organising team
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