[LRUG] [JOBS] Hero - Calendly For GPs (Perm or Contract)

Gus Kennedy gus at herohealth.net
Thu Jun 23 09:15:11 PDT 2022

Hello LRUG Friends,

We're looking to expand our team at Hero. LRUG has been helpful over the years (we've been operating since 2017), so I thought I'd reach out again.

Hero (www.herohealthsoftware.net) is a primary care scheduling automation tool; think Calendly for GPs. We work with GP practices across the country to simplify how you access an appointment - instead of telephone waiting lines, imagine online booking and SMS appointment links.

We're (genuinely) struggling to keep up with demand, and development is our biggest bottleneck (although we also need another PM if you know any!).

We're looking for 3-5 devs to join our existing team of 7 devs. Ideally perm, but we also have some short term need for contractors until we make permanent hires. Min requirements: 2+ years of commercial dev experience, and an ambition to work hard and make an impact.

In terms of what we offer: Remote/hybrid working, a product that is having a day to day impact, stock options for perm hires, a supportive dev culture, private healthcare insurance, access to same day private primary care, additional training as you wish.

Let me know if you're interested; I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this reaches some relevant inboxes!


Gus Kennedy
Hero Health | 3rd Floor Mayfield House | 256 Banbury Road | Oxford | OX2 7DE
mailto:gus at herodoctors.co.uk | web: http://www.herohealth.net<http://www.herohealth.net/>

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