[LRUG] [JOBS] BorrowMyDoggy - Lead Developer needed, remote OK.

Rikke @ BorrowMyDoggy.com rikke at borrowmydoggy.com
Tue Jul 11 07:02:33 PDT 2023

Hi All,
As a quick introduction, my name is Rikke and I'm the Founder of an online
marketplace called BorrowMyDoggy. When a dog is borrowed the benefits are
multiple... Borrowers get happy dog time, owners get help with taking care
of their dog and dogs get more walks and attention (it is a win-win).
We have +1 million people signed up in the UK and Ireland, and our members
pay annual subscriptions.

We are looking for a new Lead Developer / Tech Lead and are on Ruby on
Rails. I would love to speak with you if you are interested in a chat? :)

We are fully remote (with a small office in London). We would prefer a
permanent team member, but would also be open to a contractor signing on
for a longer term contract.

Kind regards,

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