[LRUG] [JOBS] Cleo is looking for mid-level and senior Ruby engineers, remote available

Murray Steele murray.steele at gmail.com
Fri Jul 21 05:19:13 PDT 2023

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Hi folks,

Cleo is hiring permie Senior and Mid-level Ruby developers to build out
some new product teams.

If you don’t know us, Cleo currently has around 7 million users, and our
monthly users have more than doubled in the last year. We’re using ML and
NLP to help people spend better and save money, and our products are
helping people change their spending habits to hit their own financial

Longer term, we want to be the go-to app for money management and coaching,
so we’re building out new teams to make our next generation of money-saving

As part of the team, you could be building our next products from scratch,
integrating LLMs into the Cleo chat experience, or developing our latest
financial infra.  You would be joining a new squad with some existing
engineers to get it off the ground, or joining an existing squad to let us
move some tenured engineers into those new teams - we don’t like spinning
up new squads with just new folk so don’t worry about not having support to
learn our ways.  All our squads are cross-functional, so expect to work
with analysts, designers, user researchers, copy writers, data scientists
and product managers as well as other engineers.

Our office is in the Tea building opposite Shoreditch High Street
overground station.  Although we encourage London (or
daily-commutable-to-London) based folk to come in regularly, we have no
attendance policy so you can WFH or WFO as you see fit.  We have many fully
remote colleagues across the UK and Europe so we understand hybrid
working.  We're also hiring remotely across the UK for those of you on this
list who forgot to unsubscribe after you left London.

You can check out our transparent salaries and leveling framework over on
Currently we’re hiring for SE3-SE4 if you want to work out where you fit
and what our expectations of you would be.

If you want more of a flavour for what it’s like in engineering at cleo you
can check out our “building cleo” stuff on the blog
https://web.meetcleo.com/categories/building-cleo.  The “life at cleo”
category is also worth a visit too:

I’m working with Oli Kelly from our Talent team on this. If you’re
interested in hearing more, you can get in touch with me (just reply
directly), or Oli at oliverk at meetcleo.com


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