[LRUG] [JOBS] Senior Ruby/Rails Developer at Cognitive Match (Online Advertising) - Permanent Role

Stephen Henderson stephen at cognitivematch.com
Tue Oct 1 04:34:16 PDT 2013


I'm the engineering manager at Cognitive Match and we have an opening for a full-time ruby/rails engineer to join our London dev team.

Cognitive Match is a growing startup specialising in "Dynamic Creative Optimisation" for online advertising. Essentially this means dynamically adjusting the content of an advert to best engage the viewer based on all the information we have about them at serve time. This can include datapoints like browser agent, geo-ip, 3rd party demographic data as well as the log of their past activity on the advertiser's website. We use a mix of machine learning algorithms and business rules to choose the most appropriate content for each visitor.

We're looking for a senior engineer with a passion for software craftsmanship to work on our existing ad-campaign setup UI used internally by our operations team as well as a brand new customer-facing self service portal for creating dynamic ad campaigns on social networks.

As well as producing attractive and intuitive front-ends this role also involves quite a bit of complex logic on the back-end such as the manipulation of customer product feeds. Here there may be 100k+ product definitions to import for a campaign, all with images to be processed and uploaded to CDN. Handling this efficiently while still maintaining a responsive UI can be quite challenging and needs someone with a good head for concurrency.

Our development team is quite small (8 devs globally, 4 in London), but tightly focused, and new developers get to take on a lot of responsibility very quickly. We run a flat hierarchy and developers get to work directly with the operations and business teams to flesh out stories and use cases. We also offer a lot of flexibility in the choice of technologies and frameworks.

If you are interested please send your CV to recruitment at cognitivematch.com with "LDN_RRL_LRUG" in the title. If you can include a brief note answering the 4 questions below that would help a lot:
- What do you definitely want from your next role?
- What do you definitely NOT want from your next role?
- Would would you absolutely love in your next role?
- What would you be open minded about?

Alternatively if you have any questions about the role or the company you can contact me directly at stephen at cogntivematch.com.


Stephen Henderson

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