[LRUG] [jobs] OpenCoporates, Stripe, FutureLearn & Money Advice Service

Thayer Prime thayer at team-prime.com
Tue Oct 1 06:55:37 PDT 2013

Hi LRUG folks, sorry to add another jobs email to the pile. Was
waiting for a break in ads but after a couple of weeks seems that's
not going to happen!

Currently looking for ruby developers to join the following teams. If
anyone is interested please drop me an email, I'll be happy to discuss
full team details, structures, working environment etc:


*** OPENCORPORATES: http://opencorporates.com/info/about ***
~£400 a day, on site in London or WFH or remote.

You will be responsible for delivering and managing the new Data
Pipeline system, which will include:
* Developing and documenting the public Data Pipeline API
* Creating a code ingestion subsystem, covering:
              Moderation workflow
              Preflight software checks
              Error monitoring and notification
              Safe execution environment
* Creating infrastructure to support discovery of new data
* Designing data models to support new data types and facts
* Working with our community-facing developer to write new scrapers
and importers
* Exposing ingested data on public-facing company pages
* Developing confidence metrics and algorithms

Desirable skills and experience:
* 6+ years developing complex web software
* 2+ years developing with Ruby on Rails
* Experience of working with complex or messy data sets


*** STRIPE - https://stripe.com/gb // London // £?? ***
I'm still looking for senior engineers for Stripe, in the London
office. You'll be the highest performing/achieving developer you know,
looking to solve some really complex problems and build robust,
secure, scalable software - your background will be in software
engineering - not (just) web development. You'll be rewarded for your
time with a higher-than-normal London developer salary plus stock in
the company (no-one I've met has turned an offer down yet) and get to
work with some extraordinarily bright people. To see the team so far,
check https://stripe.com/about - this role is suited to someone who's
self motivated, able to communicate clearly and positively, and want
to be part of a global success story. There's an amazing ride ahead
with this role.

*** FUTURELEARN - https://www.futurelearn.com/ // London 50-70k ***
Fresh off the back of their recent (very well received) launch we're a
few hires in and everyone who goes to interview wants to work at
FutureLearn. More on the about page: https://www.futurelearn.com/about
- they're looking for at least one, possibly two more senior
developers to come and join the team.

"Over the coming year we will face a number of key challenges, from
migrating to an appropriate architecture to enable us to scale
massively, to designing innovative social learning experiences, to
providing data and analysis to our partners to help them improve
learning outcomes, and you'll be involved in solving all of these."

Full spec: http://www.team-prime.com/jobs/ruby-developer-2/

https://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk/en/static/about-us // London //
£66,660 ***
Lead developer role over at Money Advice Service, sitting between the
dev team and the CTO, this is a great next step for anyone looking to
move towards management but doesn't have the experience to jump
straight to CTO level. Full spec:



Thayer Prime
CEO & Founder
Team Prime Ltd


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