[LRUG] The Ruby Group

Anthony Green email at acgreen.co.uk
Wed May 17 12:47:50 PDT 2006

Is the room to have a 2nd Ruby 'Nuby' Group ?

Would people be willing to prepare presenatations for such a group ?

PHP London is having the same problem, 'to find a way to cater to both high
level and entry level users.' Encouraging the latter without losing the
wisdom of the first.

Could try the 'see one, do one, teach one' approach.


On 17/5/06 6:52 pm, "Ben Griffiths" <bengriffiths at gmail.com> wrote:

> At the risk of breaking the consensus here, I would rather not see
> LRUG focussed on beginning ruby - I don't mean to offend anyone or be
> unfriendly to beginners, but this is a ruby 'users' group.

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