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> I've always dismissed HAML as one of those project 'where the devil makes
> work for idle hands'
> I'm not convinced by the need for an abstraction that seems to require such
> cognitive adjustment from the final output.

HAML's great. There are a load of good reasons, which I won't go into, as
I have an article I wrote about it somewhere are home that never got
published that I might share.

What I shall mention now is the only three valid criticisms I've heard of

* It encourages divitis: This is true, but worth the payoff, HAML on the
whole encourages you to write cleaner, more semantic HTML.
The syntactic sugar of semantic HAML is super sweet.
* Not everyone knows it: True, but I've usually found it takes max 48 hours
to prefer HAML to HTML. Unfortunately, stubbornness of the people around you
won't be fixed by HAML.
* Occasional edge cases, like long lines, whitespace and stuff: Yeah, these
can sometimes be a tiny bit weird, but big rule of UX design: Optimise for
common case.

The middle one is really the only one that should stop you using it. Most
other arguments against I've found are FUD.

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