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Najaf Ali ali at happybearsoftware.com
Fri Aug 19 00:00:21 PDT 2016

Hello all,
We're running another Rails Security Workshop. Here are the details on tito: https://ti.to/bearclaw/rails-security-workshop-september-2016/
All-day on Thursday September 29th, at Remark London near Farringdon/Chancery
What fresh hell is this?
You pay us some money for a ticket and then turn up at the time/location
specified with a laptop ready to work on Rails applications. We give you
insecure Rails applications to run and give you a timebox to discover and
exploit security vulnerabilities in them. This will make you better at security.
No previous security knowledge is required, but you'll need to be non-beginner
or above at programming.
I am Jack's overwhelming lack of conviction that this will make me better at
There's probably not much I can say in an email that will change your mind, but
I'll try. We've run the workshop before and had occasionally good reviews for
it. Many of the attendees of previous workshops are on this list and can chime
in with their opinions, good and bad.
Some people found the workshop too hard, too easy, or were expecting more
explanatory material. We've tried to account for these issues and set better
expectations, but we're not going to please everyone.
There's money-back guarantee with no time-limit, so if you don't like it you can
ask for a refund and we'll give you your money back right away.
Great, sold, but I need to convince my boss to buy me/us a ticket
No problem. For obvious reasons I'm on your side and will help however I can.
I'm happy to come to your office to talk to your boss directly. Let me know over
email and we'll set that up.
Alternatively I wrote this post on medium specifically for your boss, so send
them a link to it: 
If you have any questions that aren't answered here or on the tito sales page,
let me know and I'll get back to you right away.
All the best,
Najaf Ali - Founder at Happy Bear Software Phone: 07590 073 977 Skype: alinajaf85 Timezone: London, UTC + 1 LinkedIn | Twitter | Medium | GitHub

I run a technical consultancy specialising in Ruby on Rails. Have a look at this one-page info sheet for a summary of the services we provide. We're always happy to meet people
building software, so if you think of anyone appropriate for us we would
appreciate being put in touch :-)
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