[LRUG] blackgirl.tech's first event of the year!

damilola odelola damzcodes at gmail.com
Mon May 16 03:49:17 PDT 2016

Hi All,

I just wanted to invite any black women on this list or in your networks to
the first blackgirl.tech event of the year, hosted by Roli
<http://www.roli.com> at their headquarters on 9th of June. "Diversity" is
the latest buzzword in tech but what does it really mean? Where do black
women fit in? How do we carve out spaces for ourselves that foster
inclusion? Join us for a discussion about the position of black women in
tech and how we can foster spaces for us to exist in the industry.

There will be a £5 deposit for the event, which will be refunded after the
event, to discourage no-shows. You can get your tickets here

There are a limited number of tickets so do book fast :)


Lola Odelola

blackgirl.tech | @blackgirltech <http://www.twitter.com/blackgirltech>
damilolaodelola.com <http://www.damilolaodelola.com> | @lolaodelola
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