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Daniel Perez dan at hingehealth.com
Tue May 24 07:29:42 PDT 2016


I'm the founder and CEO of Hinge Health <http://www.hingehealth.com>. We're
a Camden-based digital health startup whose mission is to digitise the
delivery of care for patients with chronic health conditions - starting
with musculoskeletal disorders.

We combine behavioural medicine, wearable sensors, and thoughtfully
designed software to improve the health of people with chronic back and
knee pain.

Participants in our program are seeing a 50% reduction in their clinical
symptoms, and often getting active again for the first time in years. We've
now raised funding from Silicon Valley investors and signed our first
contracts with large US companies.

To that end, we're looking to hire Ruby engineers to join our team. If
you're passionate about using your skills to improve the health of others,
while joining an ambitious startup that's just about to take off - please
do get in touch.

More here: http://hingehealth.com/backend-developer/

best wishes - Dan

Daniel Perez
CEO, Hinge Health

Daniel Perez
CEO, Hinge Health
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