[LRUG] Running production apps on Heroku

Matt Collins matt at mattcollins.net
Thu Sep 19 02:09:02 PDT 2019

Hi folks,

What are your thoughts on running revenue-generating production apps on
Heroku these days?

In particular:

1) If you've used their standard (non-premium) support, how has the
experience been for you? Have they been responsive out of US hours?

2) Have there been any specific gotchas, e.g. pricing getting out of hand
for some specific reason?

For context, I'm working with a small development team that doesn't have a
lot of sysadmin expertise and we're considering moving our Rails app from a
single machine managed for us by a hosting provider (who don't seem to have
a great deal of ruby expertise) onto Heroku.

We want to:
-Separate out our staging environment (it's currently on the same machine
as production)
-Improve our system security
-Get greater flexibility, e.g. to spin up new environments for test purposes
-Improve our deployment pipeline
-Have greater visibility of system configuration
-Still be able to troubleshoot production issues easily

These are things we could work on with our current hosting provider and/or
by migrating to raw AWS but I'm thinking Heroku will do a lot out of the
box, probably better than we'd set up ourselves.

Our main concerns are around whether Heroku's 'standard' support will be
good enough and any gotchas around pricing.

Would be great to hear about your experiences.

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